Why IP Products?

Our team of experts has created food additives that allow food processors to develop healthier, tastier, and more convenient food products while simultaneously improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Outstanding and consistent quality.

Retaining soluble proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Hands-on and customized service.

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Secure supply flow of products. IP Products deliver on time, every time.

Texture Modification

Texture modification improves freeze-thaw stability. Our products also increase cook yield by improving water holding capacity.

Flavor enhancement

We put extra effort into giving you food additives that have your customers wanting more! With our food additives, you reduce the rancidity of the finished product, leading the peak flavor through improved solubility.

Customized service

One of the crucial factors of IP Products is the customer experience. We tailor to your needs, contact us for more information about how we can improve the quality of your products.

Befefits of using IP products

Our ingredients offer multiple benefits for your business and consumers, from retaining moisture and reducing sodium to achieving peak flavor and texture. Keeping up with the latest consumer trends, our phosphate ingredient solutions help optimize the texture and color of food. Our solutions allow food processors to develop healthier, tastier, and more convenient products while simultaneously reducing costs.

Our products

Our products

IP Products offers a wide range of food-grade blends with or without polyphosphates for food products. Our products come in 25Kg. units. Please contact us for more information about the products and to get a quote.


About us

Our journey

For the past 15 years, IP Products has made its mark on the seafood industry and continues to expand its business globally with their products and services. We are experts in the food additives sector, specifically for seafood production as well as in varied technology related to the processing industry. Our clientele all over the world has processed millions of tons of seafood products using our superb additive.

Our products

Main benefits of IP Products

Retaining soluble proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Reduction of drip loss and thawing loss.

Prevention of moisture migration.

Decrease in nutritional value.

Reduction of cooking loss.

Protection of flavor and texture.

Improved color retention and prevention of rancidity.

Longer shelf-life.

IP Products stand for

Outstanding and consistent quality.

Secure supply flow of products.

Favorable terms and contracts.

Hands-on and customized service.

To build lasting relationships, we create phosphates and nutrition solutions that are backed by science and technology, meet the highest regulatory standards and are informed by our years of market leadership.

Partner with us

When you partner with IP Products you gain from a strong base of experience, a wealth of best practice resources, the latest techniques to provide high-value as well as dependable service that will improve your business. The IP way will serve you with a hands-on customized service that provides you with total solutions.

Our products


Our team of experts are here to assist you in creating a service plan, maintenance schedules, and other measures to maximize operational efficiency. We want to help you find the right food additives for your products. Our consultants are here to serve you and help you make the most of your operations. Get in touch with us here.